How To Choose Wall Art

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How To Choose Wall Art

When you buy art for your home, you don’t want to just fill up an empty space, you want it to bring harmony & value. 

If you’re the type of person who considers items that you bring into your home very carefully, this is your go-to guide for how to choose your wall art.

Wall art is a powerful way to affect the energy within a room and express yourself. Just as the type of music can alter the vibe of a room, a piece of wall art will do the same. 

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the space where you can unwind and come back to baseline. The items that you fill it with need to add to that experience, not take away from it.

There are two different ways to choose fine art for your home.

1. Choose wall art that compliments your homes style

You know your home well, just as you know yourself because your home is a outer reflection of your identity. You’ve spent a lot of time choosing the design, colours, materials & furniture that you love and that reflect your preferences and values. 

When you’ve finally got to the stage where you are buying art, it’s important to choose pieces that act in harmony with the rest of your home. Choosing based around your core home design theme can help you narrow your search.

Wall art for minimalist homes

- Subtle tones
- Neutral whites
- Elements of nature - water & air especially
- Feels calm
- Landscapes


Wall art for maximalist homes

- Abstract 
- Detailed subjects
- Feels exciting 
- Vibrant colours


Wall art for farmhouses

- Earthy tones
- Animals as subjects
- Landscapes
- Feels homely, cozy
- Warmer whites



2. Choosing art that speak meaning to you through your emotions.

Emotions are our guiding system. When you are choosing a piece, take notice of how you feel when you look at it.

When we look at a fine art print with enough awareness, we will feel it speaking to us through our emotions. Art will send a subtle message to your subconscious every time you look at it and your emotions will reflect that message to you. 

If there is no feeling at all, then it might not be the piece for you. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then it is definitely not for you. 

If you stumble upon a print and it makes you stop, stay with that for a couple of minutes. 

While it’s fresh, name the emotion. 

Was it excitement, did you feel the energy inside you rise?

Was it a feeling of calm? Perhaps it influenced you to take a deeper breath.

Was it a deeper and less obvious emotion but you couldn’t take your eyes away? There might be something your subconscious has recognised in this piece and needs time to work through. 

Now, would you like to feel a shade of that energy every day? If the answer is yes then you’ve found your print! 

When you choose a print using this method you will bring pieces into your home that are truly meant for you. They will add value to your life everyday by acting as a reminder and a guide in a very personal way. 


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