The Photographers Duty: Ask The Right Questions

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The Photographers Duty: Ask The Right Questions

A vital lesson to learn from our inner child:

Question everything

All any photographer or artist wants to do is to create art that is as beautiful as they can possibly create.

Beneath beauty is a story, a message, truth, meaning.

Images have a powerful capacity to translate meaning to the viewer in a way that they are not even consciously aware of.

When the onlooker looks upon a meaningful image that an artist has mindfully shaped, they are affected on a deep, emotional level - the meaning has penetrated their heart.

How do you create images that are truly beautiful; truly meaningful? 

By asking the right questions.

This does three things:

1. It turns the inner critic into a friend rather than a foe

2. It ties you closer to your intuition

3. It brings beauty & meaning to your images

You can ask these questions before you shoot, while you're shooting & after when you're in the editing chair. 

20 questions to ask:

What is this image saying?

What do I want the image to say?

What is the central theme/message of this image?

Are there any competing messages?

Is this image complete?

Is there any tension in the image?

What message does that hand placement translate?

What vibe does this exposure create?

Would it be better if I enhanced insert Lightroom adjustment here 

Are there any distractions in the image? 

Does this image evoke any emotions from me?

Do I need a second opinion on this image?

What lessons have I learned for next time?

Are my horizon lines straight?

Are my colours true to life or do I want to take artistic license with them?

Is this a high energy image or a low energy image?

What crop/lens length would tell the story of this image best? Wide or zoomed in

Are there any tiny imperfections that would show up on a large print?

Do I need to take a break from this image and come back to it with a fresh mind?

Do I have a lack of knowledge in technology or a skillset that I need to educate myself in that would improve this image? 

Am I recognising that I'm on a journey or am I judging myself harshly for where I'm at along the path? 

I hope this helps

Let me know if any of these questions help you to frame your focus so that you can create images with clarity and depth. 

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