'Muriwai' - The Making, The Moment & The Meaning

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'Muriwai' - The Making, The Moment & The Meaning

The Making

I met Huia the way a lot of people meet these days, on Instagram.

Huia brought such a bright & positive energy to the project & her horses were fully on board for us to travel alongside them in the truck while they cantered along the beach they knew well. 

Initially we had cancelled the shoot because the weather was looking dubious but my friend, Sharni needed to go to Auckland anyway so we figured we would just all go & see what happens..

The weather was stop start stop start rain the whole time & a howling gale! But with moments of sunshine luring us in we went ahead with it LAST MINUTE!

We shot whole thing over two days. The first day, Huia rode her Quarterhorse mare, Juno while Trinny the Thoroughbred x Friesian frolicked free alongside the truck.
(but I got to ride her on our way back EEEK!)

On the first day I struggled with the black sand absorbing all of my light & a trickily placed setting sun.
I didn't want to look at the photos on my camera for a while because I was worried that I hadn't taken any good shots. 

In order to retain highlights a lot of photos came out silhouetted.

To add variety I shot with direct sun, something I don't do often - exposing a weak spot.

The second day, armoured with a bit more wisdom I set forth with a plan to tackle the tricky angled sun.

Which meant I had to get IN the water…

The second day we played with just Trinny alone.

Huia showed us what she can do with just a neck rope to control her beautiful proud mare.

We had pieces of sunshine on this day but for the most part the sun was hidden behind cloud. 

And it looked like it was going to stay hidden all the way to the horizon.
We had stopped & were thinking of heading back when the most beautiful light I’ve ever seen came out…

Fine art equine print nature beach photo

The Moment

Huia saw it too, quickly mounted Trinny, rode off down the beach & circled back towards us through the wet sand & waves. 
We had two runs at it and then the light disappeared.

But when I looked at the back of my camera I knew… this is the shot I came here for.
This incredible diffused light wouldn't have occurred if we had waited for perfect weather conditions

The Meaning

I could talk about a lot of things around this shoot. 

I could talk about not waiting for perfect conditions.
I could talk about the value of collaboration.
There’s even something to be said for working with well trained horses… 

But right from the moment I saw this photo on the back of my camera, I knew I wanted to talk about intuition.

Two hours after this photoshoot I was led to a page in a book I happened to pick up that said this:

“Intuition isn’t indicative that what you want will work out, intuition is life prompting you to move or stay so that you will be exactly in the right place”

Intuition is the guiding voice through all of our decisions, all of our encounters with others, all of our quiet moments in nature.

But intuition can be clouded with judgemental or negative thoughts

When you clear these away - you can hear intuitions whisper a little more clearly. 

Each decision you make with intuition guiding you will take you to where you need to be. When you follow where it leads you - it will take you to some incredible places. 

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