Horse Speak

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Horse Speak

Horses connect with humans In a way that reveals us to ourselves. 
Strong & noble, humble yet proud.
Their judgement holds a weight that we continually seek out.

When you walk into the round pen
Hang your words up at the gate.
No explanations or excuses will help you now.
We speak a different language here. 

When she runs from you, she has spoken.
Can you understand her?
Is your ego dismantled enough to see her judgements in action,
Rippling through her body, shining through her eyes?

Your words won't bring her back to you, the truth will.
A truth deeper than words can express.
When she slows & turns - she has heard something.
You may not even know what you have spoken.

Because the truth of who you are is beyond the words you wrap yourself in.
That is what the horse sees & in doing so she draws us in.


- Bridie Verian

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