Unlock Your Subconscious Mind With These 5 Activities

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Unlock Your Subconscious Mind With These 5 Activities

Image: Deiphobe and Aeneas in the Underworld by Claude Gellee

5 ways to unlock your subconscious mind (that you're probably already doing)

The subconscious mind can be a weird realm. We tend to shut down any exploration of it and keep our distance from information that will unleash this powerhouse. 

The activities you will read below to unlock your subconscious mind are powerful because you’re already doing them! Reading this journal will just prime your mind to approach the activities with a more receptive attitude so that you can find the answers to all your problems!

Your subconscious is not just the realm of dreams and imagination - it’s also a powerful computer that is running in the background interpreting all of your experiences, solving your problems & calculating your next moves. 

To most, the subconscious is a mysterious, frightening or judgemental realm and we become good at ignoring it but when you let your subconscious in on the conversation, you can hear it whisper the deepest secrets about the universe & how it's all conspiring in your favour. 

You can develop a beautiful relationship with your subconscious mind so that it is no longer a harsh critic or a demeaning voice but a friendly guide who lends a hand - you can team up with this force to help you reach incredible goals in life.

How your subconscious can help you

  • Make an intentional aligned choice when it feels like you have a million decisions to make and you don’t know how you’ll ever choose
  • Gain clarity when you're confused about where your life is heading 
  • Finally get yourself out of a rut where you’ve been going around in circles for years
  • Figure out the best solution to a relationship, business or personal life problem 
  • Find happiness & fulfilment if you feel you haven’t found your highest purpose in life


Unlocking the power of your subconscious will solve your problems and get you back on track towards your goals and living a full life


A note on emotional blocks

There are some places our minds block us off to because it is protecting us. We create these blocks in childhood when we associate certain environmental stimuli as dangerous or threatening. The core beliefs that form from these events structure our thoughts & actions - which creates our reality. The problem being that a 5 year old can misinterpret situations. 

For instance, if someone happened to be very religious in your family and they caused harm or destruction within the family system that disrupted your little life - anything associated with religion would be a potential threat to your stability. This could inhibit any spiritual growth & cut you off from exploring ideas around personal development or a higher power.

You might avoid not only religious people but anyone who shows spiritual tendencies. 

Exploring emotional blocks takes us into inner child work which I am still writing on - expect this by mid June 2024.

Begin your journey into subconscious exploration by finding your centre

Get still. Take a few breaths in through your nose & out through your nose. Breathe deep into your belly and connect to your heart centre. 


Try these activities to unlock your subconscious mind:

1. Mindful Youtube Scrolling

Think of the problem you want to solve, the question you have in your mind - even if it’s not fully fledged yet - and scroll away on Youtube. Ask yourself the question, “What do I need to learn?” or "What information would benefit me most right now?" 

Stay open to things outside your wheelhouse of knowledge - maybe even type in a keyword related to your problem to see what comes up. 

Then let your interest take the wheel. Go down the rabbit hole, Alice. 


2. Take Note of Your Memory

Our memory serves a greater function than just experience storage. It stores our lives information and ranks it in order of importance - this works better when we know where we are going. If we have a goal we are heading towards, it will remember the things that will help us get there and forget the information that is irrelevant. 

If you have an uncomfortable memory spring to mind more than once - there is something your subconscious mind wants you to explore. 

Maybe it’s something your friend said to you the other day that just won’t escape your mind. It might even elicit an emotional response from you - “How dare she think that…” You stir it over in your mind at night.

It may even be an old memory from childhood that has changed in quality but never quite disappeared from your mind. 

There is a vital question in your mind that has been stirred. Open it up for discussion. Be as neutral about it as possible. Sit down and take a few breaths and ask your Self "Why is that bothering me so much?"

It may take you weeks or months to figure it out but it is guaranteed there is a hidden message in that memory, or it could be asking you to release some emotions that are blocking your way forward in life. 


3. Pinterest Mining

This is particularly useful if you’re a highly visual person.

Find your centre and ask yourself what you want in life and then open the homepage of Pinterest - notice what catches your eye.

The algorithm will notice what you open and show you more of that.
It will either keep your interest until you find something juicy enough to warrant a click for further investigation or your interest will wane on that subject and you’ll follow another rabbit down the hole.

There's a solution to one of your problems hiding somewhere down the Pinterest rabbit hole. Your interest will lead you to it.

I find that I can only do this exercise two or three times a month or else I get overwhelmed with images. 


4. Write yourself to the answer with journaling

Write down whatever comes to mind. If you aren’t used to doing this, don’t worry, it gets easier very rapidly. There are different techniques you can use.

  • Mindmaps

Put your problem or your goal in the middle and write out everything related to it & possible solutions on the outside.

  • Intuitive typing (this works well if you’re a fast typer)

Clear your mind and just start writing - you can ramble all you want, hell you may as well have a good ol’ bitch and see what comes out. At the very least you can pinpoint the seed of your annoyance or problem and there’s incredible power just in that

You will find that once you give your mind an outlet, the floodgates will open and your mind will pour out onto the page.


5. Having a REAL conversation

This may be an uncomfortable idea but once you understand it, you’ll see it everywhere and notice when you're doing it yourself. 

We use people as journals. We talk AT people rather than WITH people.
What’s the difference?

When you catch up for a coffee with a friend, do you present a problem to them and describe it exactly how you think it is and only accept answers that confirm your thoughts about the situation? This is talking AT them.

Having a REAL conversation means to lay a problem on the table and have another party deconstruct it to find its meaning and validity. Together the both of you can ask questions and test ideas until you find the answer that feels most accurate and beneficial to your life and purpose. 

So this is where your subconscious enters the conversation.

Do you find yourself wanting to talk about the same subject again and again? 

Your subconscious is trying to work out the answer to something and it’s desperate to find a partner to play idea chess with. It’ll settle for a conversation with the checkout lady in the supermarket if that’s what it takes!

If you notice there is a theme to the subjects you want to talk about - find someone who you feel safe to explore ideas with and ask them to have a real conversation with you. 


Compassion is your greatest companion through a journey into the subconscious realms - take it with you & look after it. 


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