Following Your Bliss - The Chariot We Are All Aboard

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Following Your Bliss - The Chariot We Are All Aboard

My Journey to the Divine

I've had a Christian faith
I've dabbled in atheism
I've been a Buddhist sympathiser

I can see why they have their faith or lack thereof. They've all got some great points.

We all seek guidelines to frame our existence. To make sense of reality and help to guide our behaviours and decisions.

To know that we're not alone. Or the opposite. A decision must be made at some level. The confusion becomes too great if that question is left open ended. 

And there is that ever pressing existential question that will never be answered - what happens when we die? Or to ask the same question in a different way - does the soul exist?

My answer to these spiritual questions that have hung over my head from an early age has been answered through pursuing my interest. Simple & straight forward... right? 

The things that excite you are not random

"The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them." - Unknown

The sentiment that you should follow what you are interested in has simultaneously held my attention & been held under my scrutiny for many years. 

As a child who was told over and over that my interests were not worthy of being pursued, it was very difficult for me to comprehend that your entire life should be guided by your interest... solely?! 

Standing here now having spent the last 3 years of my life pursuing a sole interest whole heartedly, I can say that it is a worthy pursuit. 

It's more than just worthy though, it's necessary. 

"A man can do as he will, but he cannot will as he wills"
- Arthur Schopenhauer

Within this short statement, there is a lot to unpack. Questions about destiny & fate, freedom of choice, God, purpose & meaning.

My interpretation of this quote is that within our unique biological & spiritual makeup, we are pre-destined to be interested in certain things. And it is within our interest where our purpose lies. 

Your adventure awaits

It all starts with a call to adventure.
Something that sparks your interest enough to embark on a journey. Within the journey is endless joyful, wonderful experiences & terrible, totally horrendous experiences but the whole point of it is to discover your purpose. Meaning. Truth. 

We are not made to be sitting in a library (or behind a phone), learning about how to live. We are made to live & learn lessons through the pendulum swing of mistakes and achievements. 
Not every mistake and achievement is meant for you though - your interest will guide you to the right ones. 

You will find as you go that each scenario you encounter is custom made for you to unlock some key part of your shadow or showcase some key talent in your litany. 

All roads lead to Rome - I rode a horse there

When you go deep enough into any interest, you will find yourself being presented with questions of divinity & truth. This is the human experience. It takes a lifetime & everyone has their own pace. 

I've been interested in horses since a little girl. I left school to train them. I travelled the world to work with them. I found my soul horse and chased cows on farms with her. Which brought me through studying psychology and ultimately to photographing horses. 

See the winding path and the theme emerging? 

The overview is that horses have guided me to my purpose. The intricacy is that within each scenario & particular set of experiences there were lessons that taught me more about myself & aspects of the world.

It was horses for me. 
It could be logic, experience, health, nature or love that leads you there. 

The key is that your mind will be intrigued with it. 

You won't shut up about it.
It will consume your dreams.

Your subconscious cannot be tricked into following a 'sensible' job choice.

All it knows is that you are here as a custom made vehicle for experiencing this world in only the ways that you can. 

So quit sitting here reading this.... go out and pursue your passion!

Bridie xx

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