Affirmations for Creatives

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affirmations for creatives

Words hold power.

Perhaps all the power. The words we speak to ourselves, to others, inside our minds & through our voices. Words hold a vibration that can be positive and affirming or negative & degrading. 

1 minute a day of this exercise is enough to clear away some junk and open the window to let fresh air into your mind attic.

It is so easy to cast this information away as useless. I so often see people walk away from positive life altering choices that are so easy all the time. You see, when fear & doubt live in your mind, they take up so much space & crowd out logical & positive thinking. 

Fear and doubt make you think that it is impossible to live with out them. That they are protecting you. They create this framework of viewing that world that keeps you locked into your cramped, dusty mind attic.

But you don't need them. Speaking these affirmations is a step towards ushering fear & doubt out of your life. 

You don't have to believe these things at first. That's kinda the whole point of this exercise. By the end of whatever period of time you will feel no different, a little different, slightly better, heaps better - doesn't matter - keep going. 

You are worthy of putting time & energy towards helping.

How it works

Choose three from this list and write them down. You could any 3 from any list. They could be all 'I am' statements or one of each. 

Take a couple deep, slow breaths

Repeat them out loud while you read them a few times.

Close your eyes. 

Repeat them again combined with your breath.

Breathe them in through your body.


 'I Am' Affirmations

I am an artist

I am connected to source

I am in tune with nature

I am a work of art myself

I am worthy of creation

I am worthy of taking up space

I am worthy of being seen

I am valuable just being

I am safe to create

I am abundant


'I Create' Affirmations


I create space

I create value

I create joy

I create beauty

I create meaning

I create abundance

I create gifts

I create time


'I Listen' Affirmations


I listen to my body

I listen to my intuition

I listen to my energy

I listen to nature


'My Art' Affirmations


My art is worth pursuing

My art is unique

My art is special

My art is important

My art inspires

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