BRV Logo - Finding the Meaning

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BRV Logo - Finding the Meaning


It took me perhaps a year to fully flesh this logo out. It started out as a bit of a gawky looking thing and eventually grew into it's fully developed form when the time was right.

In this explanation I'm attempting to understand all of its facades. It's most likely that I will update this with a new realisation in another year or 5. Some deep meaning might lay hidden somewhere, which I love.

I can't truly attribute this logo to my own brain power. I believe it was a download. An inspired thought that found its way down through my pen. I am still very chuffed with it.

A logo is meant to represent a person or a business and this logo does that perfectly. At the very core of my being is a deep desire for meaning.
To have so much meaning emanate through a couple of lines and dots on a page makes all my brain light up in all the happy ways. 

What's in a name?

Bridie Roisin Verian.
Remember when it was cool to scribble your initials into everything?
This person exists & these letters represent that.

We want the world to know we exist and our names hold the signature of our imprint. We exist here, now, in this exact formula.

Our names hold so much meaning. Where we have come from, the connections that made us possible & the hopes of what kind of people we might become. A lot is in a name. 

Torch holding a flame

A source of light in the darkness. Like a flame, the truth can fight for itself but BRV acts as a torch bearer.

To create a container that holds the truth is my aim in all that I do. My images & my writing are how I specifically carve those containers. When I get that part right, the truth can shine brighter & more directly toward where it is darkest. 

As a fierce introvert, I can easily hide away in the background without a single qualm. Art is made to share however. It is meant to make an impact & in order to do that, it must be seen. 

Masculine & feminine principles

The masculine is depicted as the straight line, the feminine is in the curve. Masculine & feminine principles exist not only within each person, they exist within EVERYTHING!
They are a fundamental element of the world and play through existence on multi dimensional scale.


Mountains with horses & moon/sun

This was the first meaning I saw within the logo and it almost made me take a completely different turn in my life (story for another time).

Horses have been a guiding principle for me & I am deeply connected to mountain scenery. The dots represent the 5 'i's' within my name which I find amusing that there are so many.
My Irish heritage has made itself known through my name by stubbornly refusing to be understood. Try pronouncing Roisin... I dare you. People struggle enough with the name Bridie and that's the easy bit.

I relish the confusion and make my Irish ancestors proud.


Shoreline with footprints

My husband is the ocean lover. So is my Father & my Mother especially had a deep connection to the ocean.
My parents sailed the Pacific on a boat that my Dad built himself.

Perhaps this aspect of the logo represents all of the people that have impacted me & made me who I am. My ancestors did travel across the ocean from England & Ireland to be in New Zealand. History is so easily forgotten.

Perhaps the ocean will hold a stronger significance to me later in life. 

Somewhat musical note quality

Or at least I'd like to think so. In fact, if I think hard enough, I'll will this into being. Maybe an accent or crescendo symbol with an arpeggio symbol?

Sine wave

This is my favourite part. It's also the part that makes me a little bit terrified because I know it holds very significant meaning but I don't currently understand it completely.

The curved line is a portion of a sine wave - lights signature. Sounds signature too as I understand it. It's the signature of the Universe. 

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